Imagenomic Video Suite

Portraiture® and RealEffects

Automatic skin retouching, fine toning, B&W and coloring effects

Perfect combination of
Portraiture's unmatched
skin smoothing, healing,
and enhancing effects
with RealEffects toning
and coloring.


Imagenomic's Video Suite introduces a new RealEffects plugin which adds versatile toning and coloring functionality to complement Portraiture's masking and retouching capabilities.

While RealEffects works independently from Portraiture and could be used to produce separate effects, it is the ability to apply the two plugins in tandem on a refined joint or inverse mask that makes the Video Suite a truly powerful and remarkable video editing package. 

Imagenomic is pleased to offer this powerful Video Suite at the current Portraiture subscription rate for only $99/year to active and prospective subscribers.

Portraiture® Video
skin retouching

Unmatched, Natural Looking Skin Retouching for Video. explore

RealEffects Video
coloring and toning

Screenshot 6

Retouching, fine toning
and coloring effects
for Video.