Portraiture 3

for Photoshop CC

Portraiture for Photoshop eliminates the tedious manual labor of selective masking and pixel-by-pixel treatments to help you achieve excellence in portrait retouching.

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All current Portraiture for Photoshop licensees are eligible for a free upgrade to Portraiture 3.
Portraiture 3 for Lightroom is coming soon.

Portraiture 3 Tutorial

"Most plugins just make claims, Portraiture really works!" - Katrin Eismann

Katrin Eismann

Precise Masking

Inimitable skin smoothing, healing and enhancing effects plugin.

Fast & Advanced

User Interface


Fast. More Productive.

This is the fastest the Portraiture has ever been. It has been optimized for quality and speed to effectively handle ever increasing image sizes of modern high megapixel cameras. We are proud to have achieved an unparalleled 2x performance and refined output quality.

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