The purpose of this tutorial is to describe the batch techniques for Imagenomic plugin products within Adobe Photoshop. Batch processing in the Photoshop consists of two basic steps (a) recording and (b) executing actions.

The actions can be recorded by using the plugin within the Photoshop. In addition, pre-recorded and ready-to-use actions are available from Imagenomic's website.

Pre-recorded actions

The pre-recorded actions contain, depending on the plugin product, the built-in preset settings which, for example, Noiseware, include: Default, Landscape, Portrait, Night Scene, Full Noise Reduction etc. The pre-recorded actions can be downloaded free of charge from Imagenomic's website here.

To install the pre-recorded actions

  1. Download and unzip the respective action file (i.e.
  2. Open Photoshop's "Action" panel
  3. Load the .atn file (i.e. Noiseware4.atn) using the "Load actions" menu command


If you require using custom settings in addition to the presets for the batch processing, you would need to record your own actions.

Executing batch in Photoshop

There are two basic methods for executing batch operation in the Photoshop via (a) "Batch" automation or (b) "Image Processor" script

(a) To use "Batch" automation

  1. From Photoshop's menu select File>Automate>Batch...
  2. In the "Play" section, select the respective action set for "Set:" and choose the desired action for "Action:"
  3. For the "Source:" select "Folder" and "Choose..." the respective folder for retrieving the images
  4. Similarly, for the "Destination:" select "Folder" and "Choose..." the respective folder for saving the batch-processed images
  5. In the "File naming", you can define the naming convention and the file type for the batch-processed images.
  6. Click OK to run the batch

(b) To use "Image Processor" script

  1. From Photoshop's menu select File>Scripts>Image Processor
  2. Follow the steps in the "Image Processor" dialogue window to select (1) source and (2) destination folders and (3) the file type for batch-processed images
  3. In "Preferences", check the "Run Action" and select the respective action set and the desired action
  4. Click "Run" to execute the batch

Executing batch from Bridge

To execute batch processing from the Bridge, you can follow the above described steps for (a) "Batch" automation or (b) "Image Processor" script from within the Bridge.

  1. Open the desired file folder in the Bridge and select the files
  2. From the Bridge menu select Tools>Photoshop>Batch... or Tools>Photoshop>Image Processor...
  3. Follow the above described instructions for "Executing batch in Photoshop".
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